As of January 1, 2016, the only UCare coverage accepted by Amma Parenting Center will be the “Connect” coverage. If you are on a different publicly funded health insurance plan, and are having your baby at one of our contracted hospitals (Fairview Southdale, Fairview Ridges, the U of M, St Joseph’s, St John’s, Woodwinds, or Regions), you may be eligible for a free childbirth class. Please call us directly for more details at (952) 926-2229.

UCare members may use their insurance benefits for select Amma Parenting Center classes.  Classes may be taken at any of our locations, and we welcome UCare members delivering at any hospital.  Registration must be completed by phone!  UCare members may not register online, because your insurance will not reimburse you for charges you pay up front.

Individual classes covered by UCare:

  • Preparing for Childbirth (3-week, 2-week, or one-day versions)
  • Natural Childbirth
  • Preparing for Childbirth Online
  • Breastfeeding
  • Combination Newborns 101 and Breastfeeding
  • Labor Skills Workshop
  • Expecting Multiples
  • All-in-One Express

Some members may be eligible for transportation coverage with HealthRide and should check with UCare.

Please note our policy: Amma Parenting Center asks UCare members to let us know at least 2 business days in advance if you are not able to attend.  This policy is so that Amma can fill your spot with someone on the waiting list.  Please know that others are waiting for a chance to register for classes, and your registration means you are committing to attend (like a concert ticket).  Amma reserves the right to decline future registration to members who have not shown up for class or who have cancelled with less than two business days’ notice more than one time.

Please call us directly for all questions and for registrations at (952) 926-2229.