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This just in! Our sleep book has arrived. The Amma Parenting Center Book of Sleep walks you through the science of sleep development and what you can do to set up for success starting at your baby’s birth. Our sleep curriculum is based on the sciences of sleep, neurology, infant development, lactation and perinatal mental health.  It incorporates wisdom from our favorite sources and experts as well as our own experience. We have been teaching this sleep system for several years at Amma, with thousands of sleeping babies to show for it.

The Amma Parenting Center Book of Sleep is an easy read full of tips and essentials, with the goal of preventing the need for cry-it-out sleep training down the road.  It’s the first sleep book written by a lactation consultant, incorporating breastfeeding-friendly information yet perfect for formula-feeding families as well.

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Gift cards are the perfect way to celebrate a new mother and welcome a new baby  Gift cards are the perfect way to celebrate a new mother and welcome a new baby!

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