Rolly Pollies

rolly polly

Your baby has gone from a “shoulder baby” to a wiggly roller! Celebrate this fun stage of babyhood in Rolly Pollies, our class for Mamas with babies ages 6, 7 or 8 months at the start of class.

Play with the parachute, sing, read books, play with shakers and toys, give the babies a chance to explore a safe environment, and enjoy the company of other moms. Our curricula covers many topics, for example:

  • Sleep: night & naps
  • Feeding, introducing a cup, finger foods
  • Infant development: what to expect, what to watch for, and how to promote
  • Sharing books and promoting early literacy
  • Family dynamics and building the foundation of a strong family
  • Self care, maintaining your identity, work-life balance
  • Childproofing and safety for this age
  • Play and ideas for playing with your baby
  • Shaping behavior and the foundations of discipline

Tuition: $210 for twelve weekly 1.5-hour classes. Your tuition will include a 10% discount on all retail purchases made during the course of your session.

We ask that families read our policies before registering for classes. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.