Maple Grove

Taking an Amma Parenting Center class in Maple Grove

All of our classes in Maple Grove take place in the Park Nicollet Maple Grove Clinic and Specialty Center. The classes do not take place in the hospital or the Park Nicollet OB/GYN clinic.


9555 Upland Lane N
Maple Grove, MN 55369
For more information about this site, contact Amma directly at (952) 926-2229.

Parking & Entrance

  • If you are taking a class in the Third Floor Conference Room, park in the main parking lot and enter the main door (by Tria). This is the entrance closest to the intersection of Maple Grove Parkway and Upland Lane. Take the elevators to the thrid floor, and you will see the conference room to the left of the waiting room. Do not take the stairs, as they don’t go all the way up to the third floor.
  • If your class is in the Surgical Center Conference Room, continue driving on Upland Lane past the main building and go right into the Surgical Center entrance, which is a separate building south of the main clinic. Park in the large parking lot on the side (please do not park right in front), and enter the Surgical Center doors. The conference room is just past the welcome desk down the left hand hallway.

Helpful Information

There are no dining facilities in the building itself. For classes that run over the lunch hour, please bring your lunch or be prepared to drive a short distance to one of the nearby fast food restaurants.

Come Prepared!

  • Dress in comfortable, layered clothes.  Temperatures can fluctuate, and you’ll want to make yourselves comfortable over the course of the class.
  • You are welcome to bring drinks and snacks.
  • Please read your class confirmation closely for specifics on what to bring to class.

To download and print these instructions, click here: Amma Maple Grove