Infant Sleep Programs

Our sleep education system teaches parents how to gently introduce age-appropriate sleep interventions in an effort to avoid cry-it-out sleep training later on.

We offer two sleep classes based on our exclusive Sleep Stoplight education system, developed by owner and founder Sara Pearce.

Green Light: Months 0-3
Were you under the impression that your newborn was going to “sleep like a baby”? Wake up and smell the coffee! Getting a newborn to sleep longer than a few hours in a row is a lot harder than it sounds. Join us for a reality check on what to expect in the first three months and the science behind sleep.  We’ll talk about specific strategies to support newborn sleep, including reading cues and setting a sleep friendly environment.

This class is offered either in person or online. We’d love to have you take it prenatally, but of course new parents are welcome as well (babies must stay home so parents can learn).
In-Person tuition: $35 per couple for the 90 minute class
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Yellow Light: Months 3-6
Your busy baby is becoming so much fun!  Along with rolling, sitting and other developmental milestones comes a need for closer attention to good sleep habits.  We’ll review information from the Green Light stage.  Then you will learn about increasing sleep independence, what’s typical for nights and naps, weaning off swaddlers and pacifiers, all about sleep associations, and how to support emerging daily patterns.  Our emphasis is on staying emotionally connected to your infant and how to avoid cry-it-out sleep training.

This class is offered exclusively online.
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sleep book coverNow available: our sleep book! Take home our complete sleep education system in an easy-to-read format. Available in the boutique.