Build Your Village

When families are strong, our society is strong.  Amma Parenting Center is the first and only company of its kind in the Midwest, helping hospitals and birth centers expand and improve maternity care services through partnership for perinatal education and support.

Our goal is to start new families out with a strong foundation of evidence-based knowledge and a supportive community of other parents who can help along the way.

At Amma, we want to make sure each family has access to education and support.  Our company is run by a small group of women who have dedicated their professional lives to the health and well-being of other women and their families.  Most of our profits are funneled back into paying excellent teachers, maintaining free programs, and keeping class tuition as low as we can.  Sales from our retail boutique help our efforts to keep support and education available to all.

We support our community in the following ways.

  • Free breastfeeding help for all mothers
  • Free playgroup time, which helps new parents meet each other and build support systems
  • Free and low-cost workshops
  • Tuition assistance for childbirth classes for low income mothers
  • An ongoing commitment to engaging with non-profit organizations, from Jenny’s Light to Everyday Miracles to The Diaper Drive and more

Healthier Babies

Amma Parenting Center has a proven track record of improving breastfeeding outcomes.  Upon partnering with Amma, one large health system saw breastfeeding education rates rise by 106%, and another by 126%.  New mothers are supported in their breastfeeding goals with free drop-in help and a knowledgeable network of breastfeeding experts who can help solve problems or provide guidance into clinical lactation programs.  Our mom-and-baby classes connect breastfeeding women to each other for support.

Amma supports hospitals in their goals of Baby-Friendly compliance, a national program aimed at increasing and maintaining high breastfeeding rates, by providing prenatal breastfeeding education and postpartum breastfeeding support.