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Please note that our prenatal class, Preparing for Childbirth Online, exists through different software and payment systems and can be found here.

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Registering for our online classes is a bit different than registering for our in-person classes, and is separate from our other software (MindBody). There are two steps to the process.

  1. Select your online class and click “Take This Course” to purchase it via PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to submit tuition.
  2. After your purchase is complete, you will receive an email with your login credentials. Use the link provided in the confirmation to access your purchased class. This will be your new login for all your Amma Online classes.

Tech notes: The automatically generated emails from PayPal and WordPress (our software platforms) can get trapped in your spam folders. Please be sure to check your spam filter for your login credentials email.

Due to email filtering from Hotmail and Comcast servers, our emails often get blocked before arriving in your inbox. We suggest using a different email address for your Online Learning account. If you need to use your Hotmail or Comcast account, please add to your safe contacts list before purchasing a class. If you need any tech support, please email and we will help you.

Returning online learner?

Once established in our online learning system, you may return any time to purchase other online classes.


Yellow Light Sleep Class: 3-6 months

This is the second class in our sleep education system, the Sleep Stoplight, for parents of infants ages three to six months. Our sleep education system teaches parents how to gently introduce age-appropriate sleep interventions in an effort to avoid cry-it-out sleep training later on. Tuition: $35

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Green Light Sleep Class: 0-3 Months


The Green Light sleep class is unavailable for new purchases. If you are a returning user, you are still able to view your class.

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Breast Pump Basics: Success strategies for using a breast pump and returning to work

Lactation Consultant Sara Pearce goes over selecting a breast pump, using it correctly to maximize milk production, milk storage, and defrosting milk. Perfect for moms new to the pumping process, as well as those preparing for the return to work.  Tuition: $20

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Boosting Milk Supply

Lactation Consultant Sara Pearce shares a review of what moms can do to increase breast  milk supply. There are six lessons in this course.  Tuition: $20

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