Becoming a parent can be one of the most joyous times in your life…. and the most confusing.

Amma is a place where new and expecting families can get the critical information and support they need in a cheerful, friendly environment. We are a one-stop center for everything you need to welcome a new baby.

The best childbirth classes

We are the largest provider of childbirth classes in the Twin Cities.  Trusted by hundreds of doctors and midwives, we use the latest media and evidence-based curricula which are reviewed by our Board of Advisors.  Our teachers are current in the fields of OB and perinatal education, and make class fun and interactive.  Families can take childbirth classes at our main center in Edina or in one of many off-site “nests” throughout the metro.

Lactation support

Our comprehensive lactation program spans drop-in breastfeeding help and baby weight tracking to classes, workshops and a full array of lactation support products. We carry pumps, spare parts, herbs, accessories and more. We will test your used breast pump.

Maternity loves company

After baby arrives, the real need for education and support begins. Our mom and baby classes are a unique hybrid of education and support. Taught by nurses and lactation consultants, the New Mama Class is a place for moms to get feeding and baby care help, learn about postpartum adjustment, and meet other new moms. You can continue bringing baby back for programing up throughout the first year and beyond.

Our staff of teachers, retail experts, lactation consultants and physician consultants is here to help you become a family. From your first trimester to your baby’s first steps, we’ll educate and nurture you to be the best parent you can be.